Our Terms

Please read these terms carefully before entering into a contract with us

 for ywe adviseGeneral Terms

All material provided to us during the production of your site will not be returned or retained unless otherwise requested.

The copyright and observation of other third party copyrighted material is the responsibility of the contracted client and not that of Craig Scott Design.

A small ‘Website by Craig Scott Design’ link will appear at the bottom of your website’s pages. This helps us promote our services. We may remove this on request however a small additional fee of £65 will apply.

We reserve the right to use all designs produced during the production process in our portfolio of work.

In the rare event of server downtime we will compensate on request one days hosting for each hour of downtime up to a maximum of one month’s hosting.

Our liability for all services we provide is limited to the price paid for that service.

All website that we create are done so on the WordPress platform. This is an open-source platform and we do not take any responsibility for changes to future versions of WordPress that may effect features and functionality of your website. Because this is an open-source platform there may be certain features and functionality that is out of our control or ability to modify. 

We create eCommerce websites using WordPress and Woocommerce. This is an open-source plugin and we do not take any responsibility for changes to future versions of Woocommerce that may effect features and functionality of your website. Because this is an open-source plugin there may be features and functionality which is out of our control or ability to modify.   


Cancellation of Hosting and Maintenance

To cancel your hosting account you must contact us on craig@craigscott.design 

There is no cancellation period and your account may be cancelled immediately if requested.

Your cancellation is not confirmed until we contact you to confirm so. This is to ensure we have received your request and the account has been closed.


Cancellation of other services

You can cancel your order while your website is mock up is being created and we will bill you for the hours spent up to the date of cancellation. If however you wish to cancel once your website mock up / initial design has been produced, you will then be liable for the full balance of the website build and any other fees accumulated during the build process.

If you have paid for your website upfront and you cancel your order, the amount paid is non-refundable.

If you have received a discount or promotional extra as part of your package and wish to cancel during any of the phases prior to, and up to completion of your package, any outstanding balance will be calculated on the basis of the full cost of all items without discount or promotions applied.

Reactivation of closed accounts through cancellation by the client or automatic cancellation due to non-payment, will be subject to £50 reactivation fee.
Once an account is closed, we provide no guarantee that the service can be restored as data from inactive accounts is purged from our databases periodically.



All invoices are to be paid on receipt unless otherwise stated.

Initial payments/deposits on all service e.g. website design, logo design etc are non-refundable as are upfront payments in full.

We reserve the right to pass on any charges we incur as a result of late, declined payments. If a payment should be charged-back a £25 fee will be applied to your account.

Monthly payments for hosting will be taken out of your account by Direct Debit each month. We will send a Direct Debit agreement to you to fill out before we set up your plan. We can only host your website once we have received the completed agreement back from you.

For one-off payments such as the remainder of your balance after the build process or for one-off changes to your services, we can with your permission repeat against a past transaction so you do not need to re-enter your payment details. This will only ever be done with your permission.

In the unlikely event that a website build takes longer than 3 months where the delay is largely due to a client’s failure to provide required information and we have requested multiple times for that information we may request and require the outstanding balance of any invoice for that service to be paid in full on receipt of our invoice.

Late payments will be subject to a £15 late payment fee.

Should a payment such as a hosting payment become very overdue e.g. over 20 days and we have tried to contact you more than once regarding this overdue payment, we reserve the right to close the account. Any deposit payments will be forfeited.

If an account is closed due to non-payment / late payment then we reserve the right to request the full balance on the account to be cleared before the account is reactivated.

Should payments remain unpaid we will write to you giving 14 days notice to pay. If payment is not made within that time-frame a final £25 late payment fee will applied and the case may be referred for collection through the courts.


Domain Names

We do not handle domain names as part of our service, however we can point your domain at our server for a fee of £10 per domain. On some occasions we will not be able to configure external domains but in those instances we will provide you with the information you will need to ask your current provider to make the required updates.


Miscellaneous Terms

Turnaround times are estimates based on average past performance unless otherwise indicated.

Reference start dates for calculation of turnaround times start from the first working day after we would be able to start the project. For example, should your request be submitted 11pm on a Friday, the reference start date of the build would be the Monday after.

If commissioning an ecommerce website, please note that we do not add all your products due to time constraints when building your site. We can import your products for you for an additional fee. This fee is dependent on the number of products and their configurations.

We retain the copyright on all materials produced e.g. logos, website designs, business cards until the entirety of the package signed up for is paid for. Once this is done, copyright of any design work is transferred to you. We retain the right to include the produced work in our portfolio. 

Stock images we provide are for use on your website only and allowances as part of your package and/or add-ons expire once your website is launched.

With services provided for print such as business cards and letterheads, we only provide the design portion of the process and do not provide any printing services.

We accept no liability for errors such as spelling errors or inaccurate contact details once a service provided has been completed.

We do no offer refunds under any circumstances. If you find a fault with your website before you sign it off we will be happy to fix this issue for you.  Once you have taken receipt of your website and confirmed you are happy for it to appear on your live domain we will assume you have thoroughly checked the website and you are happy that you find it in perfect working order and free of any faults. Once you have approved your website to be moved to the live domain we accept no liability for any faults, errors or mistakes you may find at a later date.

We will provide finished digital copies of design works such as business cards and letterheads. These files will be flattened version in a high quality format. We will not provide editable files such as illustrator files. We can make future edits to these designs on your request. Our standard hourly rate will apply.

Content writing per page fee includes a maximum of 500 words per a page. Longer pages will be charged as a multiple of the per page fee.

We will endeavour to check the content we produce as part of our content writing service for errors in terms of grammar, spelling and factual accuracy however the ultimate responsibility for these elements will fall on you the client. We accept no responsibility for errors once published.

We do not proof read any content you provide for your website. We accept no responsibility for errors.

Features of ongoing packages do not roll over. Any allowances expire at the end of the given period.

Unless otherwise stated, offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

When instructing a company to print items we have designed such as business cards and letterheads, it is your responsibility to ensure the print quality and to check for errors. We accept no responsibility should finished printed items not accurately reproduce colours, quality or contain errors.

Social Media set up includes the setup of Twitter and Facebook accounts only. You will need a personal Facebook account so that we can make you the owner of the Facebook Page we set up for you. Without a personal Facebook account you will not be able to manage the Facebook Page. It is your responsibility to set up your personal account. Social Media setup is not required if you already have business pages / accounts set up and just want us to link to them from your new site.

For eCommerce websites we only integrate with Paypal, Stripe, Sagepay and Worldpay gateways. As part of your setup you may need to configure elements of the integration within the respective gateway’s systems. We will provide guidance as to any changes that need to be made however support for specifics within those systems must come for the gateway themselves. We can sometimes make the changes on your behalf but reserve the right to charge a small fee for this.

The contract between you and Craig Scott Design is entered into under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

The security and well being of our staff is paramount. Abusive behaviour such as swearing or threatening a member of our team will not be tolerated. Should behaviour of this nature occur we reserve the right to terminate your contract with the full forfeit of any monies paid to date. We are always happy to address any concerns you have however this should be done in a mutually respectful manor.

At our discretion, up until the point of starting your design we reserve the right to cancel the order and issue a full refund for any reason we deem as appropriate.

About us

We're a web design and web development company in Merseyside who specialise in Wordpress and Woocommerce design and development. We offer a wide variety of solutions for small businesses, global enterprises and creative agencies.

Rates & Payments

We're available to work on both hourly and fixed rate projects. Our hourly rate is £35. Any bespoke contracts require an upfront deposit of 50%, with the remaining balance due 7 days after the final invoice is received. All our packaged websites are upfront payment only.